Massage Therapists of St. George Utah

Maui Massage focuses on massage therapy in St. George, Utah. We specialize in pain relief massage therapy and renewing your sense of physical and mental well-being. Our experienced staff are dedicated to helping you achieve that. Whether you need a deep tissue massage, to alleviate chronic pain, customized energy flow work, or a 30-minute foot massage so you can take a load off your feet and get back out there, we can help you. We also can help you retain your full range of motion after surgery, specializing in massage therapy after surgery.

A business that does deep tissue massage in St. George, UT
Woman checking in to the receptionist at Maui Massage Professional

Your Body and Mind. In Good Hands.

Our services customized to you, uniquely shaped to help your body recover and realign. Because each body is different and changes over time, our therapy changes with it, seeking to find that perfect balance and renewal.

Our massage therapists, our staff, want you to re-enter the world feeling better, renewed, fresh. With our years of experience, your mind and body are in good hands.

Experienced Massage Therapists

Our massage therapists have years of training, schooling, and experience in providing people with specialty massage therapy. As we each have skills we’ve perfected, our massage therapists have specialized their unique interests in their massage modalities. We’ve dedicated our time and energy to focusing on our craft and skill. When you come to us, you’re not only getting years of experience and training but you’re also getting the care of a professional.

We want you to feel better after a session. To leave with a not just a little less stress but a whole lot, and out of pain.

Massage table with live plants in background.
Woman receiving a massage from a female massage therapist with live plants in background.

Pain is Inevitable. Suffering is a Choice.

Maui Massage Professionals is your place of peace and realignment. Where you can escape the torrential rapids of life and enjoy the calm of our space.

We understand that those torrents can be rough and painful and we’re here to help get you, your sense of self and well-being, back. Book online or give us a call. If you’re unsure what will suit you, give us a call or book online and we’ll be happy to help you.